The Colonial70 Relay
Hanover to Williamsburg
April 20, 2018

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The Colonial70 Relay is a unique, one-day relay adventure in which you and five friends run 70+ scenic miles through the heart of the Virginia. The Colonial70 Relay follows the last 12 legs of the Colonial200. It begins just outside of Richmond in Hanover and continues onto the Capital Trail before finishing at Jamestown Beach Park in historic Williamsburg.

The Colonial70 Relay will be held April 20, 2018. The first flight of teams will start the 70+ mile relay around 4:00 am (maybe a little earlier) on the Saturday of the 200 mile event. Over the next several hours, additional sets of teams will depart on their journey to Williamsburg. Colonial70 teams will begin arriving at Jamestown Beach Park around 2:00 pm that afternoon.
Colonial70 teams will be treated with additional camaraderie on the road from teams that are running the Colonial200 starting outside of Charlottesville on Friday. The Colonial200 teams will begin arriving in Williamsburg as early as noon.
Teams for the Colonial70 Relay are generally made up of 2 to 6 people who split 12 legs. For instance, each person of a 6 person relay team will run two legs over distances varying from 3 - 10 miles. Each team will provide their own support vehicle to drop off and pick up runners at designated exchange zones along the 70+ mile route.
The Colonial70 Relay is great fun for everyone - you don't have to be an ultra runner to enjoy it. For a six person team the distances and training are similar to that of running just a little more than a 10K.